Ben Francis

Imagined Wonder

by Ben Francis 2010

I see your life through copper and glass,
Never right now, always just past.
Scattered reflections, moments in time,
Moments of months as months pass by.

Pixels on crystals do not look back,
oblivious to the quality they lack.
Lifeless and soulless they stare right through,
You don't see me when I see you.

Could corporeal encounter ever live up,
to imagined wonder and nostalgic glut?
Will dream always be dream,
As cruel as that seems?

Take me on a journey I can imagine,
A journey reality need never fathom.
Discard your worries and purge all doubts,
for on this trip we can do without.

Take me to that place in my mind,
where dreams and desires all combine.
Walk with me around that space,
and let us share a warm embrace.

For when we wake we will forget
that in that place we ever met.
We'll carry on, as before
having some, but wanting more.

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