Ben Francis

The Future

by Ben Francis 1999 (Aged 13)

In the future, will the world be powered by computers?
Will we sit in cyber-cafes dissolving our brains?
Expanding our knowledge,
Playing fast action games?

Will we live in peace and harmony?
Will nuclear war break out between armies?
Will travelling to Mars be an every day journey
And will standard of living still rely on money?

Will scientists ever understand the human brain?
Will the weatherman be able to control the rain?
Will everyone share equal rights
And will technology cure a blind man's sight?

Will British astronauts conquer space?
Will six eyed aliens destroy the human race?
Will illness and disease be a thing of the past?
And will a broken leg be mended without pain or a cast?

If I knew how to time travel I'd tell you right now,
So far no one has worked out how.
We have no idea what the future may be,
It's exciting, anticipating the changes we'll see!

This poem was entered into the "Future Voices" poetry competition from Young Writers. It was subsequently published on page 7 of the "Future Voices from Lincolnshire" anthology (ISBN: 0-754318-931)

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