Ben Francis

Urban Cage

by Ben Francis 2003

Against a cold, grey backdrop of an urban cage,
your smile shines through.
As if somehow, you're on the outside looking in.

A harsh mist clears to reveal your wide gazing eyes,
that can cut through the concrete shells
and see a person inside.

There's a warmth in your presence,
that soothes a restless soul.
something in your manner,
that calms and controls,
in a way that shows freedom to a nation of people
who have forgotten the meaning of a simple word.

Concrete will crumble and time will pass,
but the feeling and meaning forever will last.

They can slay the rebles, they can fight,
with weapons and words.
Beat confessions out of the innocent,
justify crimes with false morals and lies.

But there are things that can't be beaten,
there are lines that can't be crossed.
Events that will never happen,
And hope can not be lost.

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