Black and white photograph of Ben Francis wearing a black t-shirt

Ben Francis

Current Projects

An illustration of connected devices with the WebThings logo in front


An open platform for monitoring and controlling devices over the web.

A photo of a black wireless hub with antennae and the Krellian Hub logo

Krellian Hub

Smart bulding hub.

The Krellian Cloud logo with an illustration of a building inside a cloud

Krellian Cloud

Real-time data analytics for smart buildings.


A Raspberry Pi powered diagnostic repair drone.

Past Projects

An illustration of a fox with a fiery tail and the Firefox OS logo

Firefox OS

A mobile operating system for the open web.

The Webian logo on a dark grey background


The web operating system.

The Clinked logo on a dark grey background


An online collaboration platform.

Firefox Hub

A prototype smart router.

Project HomeWeb

A prototype home monitoring system.

Project Tablet

A prototype web-based tablet.


A 3D web application to visualise the colonisation of an artificial reef.


A highly scalable XML data quality testing pipeline for Google Maps.


The enterprise groupware system.

Catmose Gallery Website

A CalDAV-based content management system for an art gallery.