Black and white photograph of Ben Francis wearing a black t-shirt

Ben Francis

Current Projects

An illustration of connected devices with the WebThings logo in front


An open platform for monitoring and controlling devices over the web.

The Webian logo on a dark grey background


The web operating system.

A photo of a black wireless hub with antennae and the Krellian Hub logo

Krellian Hub

Smart bulding hub.

The Krellian Cloud logo with an illustration of a building inside a cloud

Krellian Cloud

Real-time data analytics for smart buildings.


A Raspberry Pi powered diagnostic repair drone.

Past Projects

An illustration of a fox with a fiery tail and the Firefox OS logo

Firefox OS

A mobile operating system for the open web.

The Clinked logo on a dark grey background


An online collaboration platform.

Firefox Hub

A prototype smart router.

Project HomeWeb

A prototype home monitoring system.

Project Tablet

A prototype web-based tablet.


A 3D web application to visualise the colonisation of an artificial reef.


A highly scalable XML data quality testing pipeline for Google Maps.


The enterprise groupware system.

Catmose Gallery Website

A CalDAV-based content management system for an art gallery.