Woohoo! We finally got round to blocking net send on Windows NT/2000! That’ll fool ’em. Just hope we haven’t broken anything else in the process that’s all.

Someone asked for a Knoppix disk today! looks like the penguins are paying off. On the subject of Linux, according to silicon.com, “Rumour has it [Linus Torvalds is] a Guinness man as well.” Oh yes! The man has taste.

MChicago’s Live Journal is a little quiet recently, he must be distracted 🙂 Missing Kaz.

Let’s keep this post short, and get on with some work.


Wez and I have resorted to posting messages to each other in binary on the Bourne Forum after Rex Needle wrote in the Bourne Diary “If you wish to find out about youth activities or participate in discussions intended solely for them, then you must go elsewhere.” The plotting continues…

School open day was quite fun although a lot of work for a two hour event! I got to show off my Linux lab to people and try and convert them to free software. The main attractions were the giant tux penguins, the magic CD-ROM drive and networked battleships. In other parts of IT there was mystic meg (a projected face on the wall from a web cam that could answer all of your questions), a Lego Robolab, Computer disassembly, history of computers, VB games and the usual curriculum stuff.

Yesterday on the way home from school I noticed two girls (Britney and Jenny) were picking up the litter in and around the drained St. Peter’s Pool in the Well Head that I have been complaining about for ages, so I went home, got changed and returned with a black bin liner to help them. We may be back next Friday!

At lunchtime on Friday one of the dinner ladies, sorry, Lunchtime Supervisors told me off for walking up the “wrong set of stairs” and not ASKING if I could go up to the IT room… ?!! For some reason it really got to me. I go up there every lunchtime, so why was Friday any different? And what difference does it make to ANYONE which set of stairs I walk up?! If I could spell it, I’d use the term petty beurocracy.

This morning I went to the Post Office to send “The Cathedral and The Bazaar” back to the ALUG library and to post 24 letters for mum who is searching for her grandad. Then I went to the Library where they told me I would have to pay two pounds to renew “A Tour of the Calculus” from the British Library for the second time. Grr, not my fault I’m a slow reader.

This afternoon was mainly taken up taking up floor boards and wall panels, poking holes through ceilings and going in the attic to lay a network cable to connect Ashdaman’s computer to the Internet. Another two lights are now lit up on my hub and there are 5 computers on the network, mostly very low spec machines.

Mr C attempted to teach our computing class how to convert a floating point binary number into a denary one on Friday. He NEARLY managed it 😛 Oh and I found out the connection between the 12 days of Christmas and Binomial Expansion.

I have an inhuman amount of work to do this weekend so it’s about time I got started.