Hmm, what’s happened since 7th January…

My birthday happened, that was very cool. I got 30 cans of  Guinness and the Ultimate Matrix Collection amongst other things.

Laura took me to Franky and Benny’s for the most huge and expensive meal ever, after which I swore I would never eat again! We went to see White Noise at the cinema and drove home in the pouring rain in the dark. All in all it was fantastic day!

They finally gave in to the campaigning from the fans and released two, two hour episodes to finish the story, what a great birthday present!

The episodes were a little… odd. They seemed to use earth words rather than Farscape slang in places and one of the actors was replaced, which I didn’t notice until the second episode! The ending was a *little* bit corny, but I enjoyed it none the less. And the good news is that the war between peacekeepers and sebacians is now over so John’s baby can be raised in peace time. There seemed to be a hint at one point that the peacekeepers originated from a planet that sounded very much like earth, or I may have imagined that.

Due to asherfrancis getting a new laptop, I bought a wireless router for home so we now have wireless network access which is cool for my iBook (or would be if the wireless worked in Ubuntu). The Linksys ADSL Gateway (WAG54G) is very good and easy to configure with WEP encryption and NAT.

According to my stats on PlusNet, during December my household used 20Gb of bandwidth. Is that a lot?

I’ve been off work with the flu since Tuesday which sucks. But lauperr has been an angel looking after me 🙂 🙂

Six Apart buys LiveJournal

“Will LiveJournal stay open source?
The parts that are open source now will of course remain open source… And some new stuff that’s infrastructure-related will probably also be released open source. We’re all definitely pushing for it, and Six Apart “gets it” when it comes to open source. Of course there will be some closed parts… there are already some now. What I personally feel is important is making sure the infrastructure guts are available, so other people building new, creative websites will be able to focus on the fun stuff and not shelling out lots of money to commercial vendors for basic things like storage and load balancing.”

What do people make of this?

The rest of the deal sounds fine, but this bit sounds very much like bad news. I’ve been considering moving my blog to my personal server for some time now, but we’ll see how this pans out first.

Christmas and New Year

I had a fantastic holiday.

First my new cousin Alfi was born (I suggested the name!)
 He can be seen below with the teddy I bought him 🙂
Alfi 2 Days
Then I got some very cool presents for Christmas
including my iRiver H340 and this fridge from lauperr
Guinness Fridge
Then I had a fun New Year in Loughborough.
This is the New Year party after we’d climbed a very
large hill on New Years Day to clear our heads.
New Year 05

And now I’m back at work and everything is breaking. Printers are the bane of my existence and we were having severe network problems yesterday. Managed to isolate the problem to a fibre link between two switches which was replaced today and now everything is running smoothly again 🙂