Vivaty Everywhere

Vivaty, the web based community of 3D social scenes. has escaped the confines of Facebook and AIM with the introduction of Vivaty Everywhere. Vivaty Scenes can now be embedded in any web page and you can sign up directly on the Vivaty website (or enter as a guest) instead of entering via a social networking site.

Vivaty is a brilliant demonstrator of X3D, the ISO standard for 3D graphics on the web. It's a little bit like Second Life, but using web standards inside your browser instead of a custom client. Currently very few people know about Vivaty and public scenes are extremely thinly populated, but it's early days. Go and have a look and check it out for yourself.
X3D is what I hope will become the standard for the 3D web, and is what I'm using for my university project, WebScylla.