The world’s gone mad.

Please forgive my drivel.

Computer Chips

Microsoft are developing XBox games on Apple G5s and Apple are moving to Intel Processors. According to Steve Jobs they’ve actually been secretly developing for x86 in the sidelines all along, and Intel have no hard feelings about them burning their bunny man.

So Apple are also moving away from IBM, who are making the chips for all three new games consoles. The games consoles won’t actually be games consoles at all but will actually be media centres for the home, which are likely to be more powerful than your PC and could cluster into a distributed supercomputer across the Internet.

What the…

Debian have, after three years, finally gone from 3.0 to 3.1… and our waitress in Birmingham was a man.

My car is bleeding oil all over the floor and my eyes constantly hurt. I’m trying to concentrate on my work while people throw huge numbers at me and I ride an emotional rollercoaster, reaching the brink of a complete change to every possible part of my life.

My brother constructed two three metre tall flowers out of steel and aluminium in the back garden and just took them off in the campervan. Someone flattened the fence in the front garden with a lorry and the new bypass in Bourne has been closed for two weeks because nobody’s signed the bit of paper yet to say people can drive on it.

It was only confirmed a week in advance that the Bourne Festival was actually happening, because it hadn’t been given the go ahead by the Vogons in the local Council. The organisers are so fed up of all the bureaucracy and stupid complaints that they might not even bother with it next year. Why is there always someone who has to ruin it for everyone else? STOP COMPLAINING, it’s only three frelling evenings out of 365.25! “Oh I’m all for charity events, just Not In My Back Yard(TM)”. Well who’s yard shall we put it in then? It’s got to go somewhere.

Amazed with and fed up with the world in general, in equal parts. But in a sure show of insanity, I’m remaining optmistic.

Oh, and I’m going to live on trains for three weeks and I’ve submitted a paper to the IEE.