Venturing out of my sickbed

That was horrible. I started off with the flu, almost recovered, progressed to a secondary chest infection, then got a funny tummy… I’ve just finished my antibiotics. I was off work for two weeks and probably still shouldn’t be there. I’m kind of sort of nearly better, just in time to go to Morocco at the end of the week and get thoroughly ill again when my stomach disagrees with their food and water.

My Car…
has been a bit of a pain recently, more specifically the battery. But I’ve got a new battery and Milliwig is back to his full health too (no jokes about acceleration here please lauperr).

Overactive Mind
It has been confirmed by several others who shared the same flu bug as me that one of the symptoms is an overactive mind. This means sitting in bed, not being able to sleep because of the constant flow of thought; pictures, ideas and in my case programming. When I first got ill I literally didn’t sleep all night but planned out an entire web site in my head, including a php templating system, navigation and most of the content. When I got up I put it all down on paper and the content of my head filled several pages. It’s slowly being digitised.

I also had a flitting romance with a world domination plan which faded into delerium as I regained my grip on reality. But I did come up with a cool idea for a MMOG…

I’m now a member of the IEE, although they are trying to deny it. Seems a very cool institute to be a member of, although djkoa tells me changes are afoot.

My chums at work have complained I don’t write about them on here. Most of today was spent on yet another concept for the design of a new Arts web site, these arty types are hard to please. It’s been a team effort really, which I have mixed feelings about. Usually when designing I like to be left alone to experiment and work at an idea until it’s brilliant, without human contact for the duration, but being in the same room as two other people means I get constant input from them. I guess this is what working as part of a team is and it’s good for my… chi or something.

I played with a BEAST of a graphics tablet and spent a large amount of time tracking down all the digital cameras which I’m supposed to be responsible for, as well as the usual answering the phone and fixing things and being rude to people.

Gary has stolen the monitor from my Debian web server so there’s been little progress on that front recently. I know I know I should be using SSH, but there’s an annoying bug in the OS X terminal which sometimes stops you using backspaces, and it really really really annoys me. But that side of things is going well, SSL is finally working properly, WebDAV is up, phpicalendar is working, as is phpmyadmin. The next step is probably rsync and some gallery scripts, then I may venture into mail servers, if I dare.

There was an amusing moment when one of the sparky electrical guys fell through the ceiling in a classroom full of students today, he seemed OK except for his ankle, but he didn’t half get wound up for it. There’s also now a rather large hole in the ceiling.

We have sucky new ID badges, which… suck. So we’re designing some better ones! Yesterday the marketing meeting was cancelled which makes me happy, meetings are boring 🙂

Gary’s been having fun with barcodes recently. He found a very cool program which uses an iSight camera as a barcode reader and can retrieve the details and a picture of any book, CD, DVD or game we threw at it. It didn’t know what hob knobs were though 🙁 It has serious uses for the development plan though, which btw is very cool. Lots of new kit and networked CCTV cameras on the cards. New servers, 30″ flat screen, rack mounted web server for me, lots of new iMacs (mmm).

In other news, we’ve run out of sugar again and the place we usually steal it from has gotten wise to our antics.

New web site is coming and work is currently a constant trickle.

Here I come…