Out of Office reply to a mailing list

Someone on a mailing list I read has managed to put an out of office reply on the email address they use to subscribe to the list, resulting in the annoying automatic replies popping up on the list. (As an aside I’ve always wondered why these don’t reply recursively… is there something coded into mail clients to make sure that an out of office reply doesn’t reply to itself?)

Anyway, they were kind enough to leave a mobile phone number for urgent contact… oh the temptation! Someone hide my phone! Actually, better hide Google’s Click-to-Call from me too 😛


X3D + AJAX = …I wonder

Amsterdam rocked. ’nuff said.

Lots of books and Farscape DVDs. I got a maths text book for Christmas, yay me.

Bought lauperr the bestest present, ever.

In other news…

PING google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=5 ttl=240 time=8655 ms

I thought wires being cold made the data go faster not slower!

Ethical Spammers Group

Un-frelling-believeable. Taken from wiki spam I just deleted:

We leave content intact . We allow you to easily remove the additions .
We respect your pages and appologize for the spam .
We are the Ethical Spammers group .
(this is an oximoron – two terms that are put together but are opposed meaning) .


Back from Amsterdam, will post more soon.