UFO Sighting

All in all yesterday was a very weird day, but by far the weirdest part was what my girlfriend and I saw in the sky from the car on the way back from the train station.We saw UFOs (unidentified in that we don't know what they were!)

At 9:30pm on 6th Sept 2008 travelling north on the A1260 near Thorpe wood we saw a formation of orange lights in the sky.

At first we thought they were stars, but they were too large and orange. Then we noticed they were moving slightly relative to each other. There were three groups: a group of two to the right; four in the middle and approx 3 or 4 to the left. After 1-2 minutes we passed underneath them and eventually couldn't see them any more.

They weren't stars because they were orange, large and below cloud level. They didn't look like aircraft because they didn't have flashing lights and seemed to move slowly for their apparent height.

There are a few RAF bases in our area so they could have been anything, just nothing like anything either of us has seen before. Maybe experimental aircraft of some kind, or even something much less unusual.

I'd be very interested to know what they were. Does anyone know of a web site where you can submit a UFO sighting a place it on a map?

Interestingly, the Telepraph reports that UFO sightings have been exceptionally high this summer.