Oops, long time no post. So what’s been happening for the past couple of months? Well in summary…

  • Went to Lucy’s 18th Birthday which was great, live bands and Guinness. We also played pass the parcel (!). Photos to follow.
  • Worked at the Royal Albert Hall again as a sound engineer, this time for two days. Long old slog. Left Peterborough on the Friday afternoon, stopped off at a church in London on the way to help with a recording. Got to the hotel at 11pm after a pizza in Pizza Hut, in central London, on Halloween night. Got up at 6am the following morning, went to the Albert Hall. Recorded two brass bands and a 2000 person choir. The multitrack hard disk recorder (which runs on BeOS) crashed for the first time, ever in the middle of the recording! Didn’t leave the hall until 1am the following morning after loading up the lorry. Also photos to follow.
  • Went to see Matrix Revolutions at the Broadway in Peterborough. Amazing. I will say no more.
  • Had a dinner with the Round Table who are organising the Beer Festival for this coming summer. Had an argument over the date, it clashes with GCSE and A-level exams! They’re going to have to find three new sound engineers I think. Lovely evening other than that though, free Guinness 🙂
  • With Mr C. (trivia king) on our team, we won the pub quiz in dyke, twice. More free Guinness.
  • Saw Sigh, Lou, Paul et. al in Smiths, no Kaz though 🙁 Lou and Paul have dropped out of Uni! Both working at the leisure centre.
  • Been litter picking in the park a fair few times with some great girls from school. Gained some press attention which was nice – doing our bit to keep out town tidy. Me, in paper, in wellies 🙂
  • Played with NetOp and the open source VNC at school. Mr C gets carried away with being able to control desktops remotely :S But have some interesting ideas for spreading Linux around a bit more.
  • Played with Damn Small Linux, a 48Mb Live! CD derived from Knoppix, amazing!
  • Installed Debian (Potato) on my 486 laptop with 8Mb RAM and 160Mb HDD (which according to the documentation isn’t possible). It’s now connected to the internet! Only took me six hours…
  • Spoke to J and Kaz on the phone! Yey!
  • Got quoted nearly £90 for 16Mb of RAM for the laptop!! That’s including £15 for postage for something twice the size of a postage stamp…
  • tralk (tralk.hippygeek.co.uk) has now been running for 115 days, rock solid. Just waiting for a power cut!
  • Bought a Siemens SL45i on ebay. Bit disappointed with condition, but brilliant phone.
  • Fixed my Nokia 5210. Had to order a screwdriver especially (t6) and buy a new microphone on ebay.
  • Got dad’s credit card bill which I had to pay…
  • Spent the past three nights drinking in town. Smiths are charging £2.60 for a pint of Guinness now! I’m going to have to change my drinking habits.
  • Spent a lot of time worrying about things I haven’t done for school, and trying to prove, by contradiction, that root three is an irrational number

That’s about it I think 🙂

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