Exams Are Over

My exams have been over since Friday which is such a huge weight off my mind I can’t tell you. I’m currently recovering from nervous exhaustion and also swollen lymph glands after a virus. My head and neck are aching like I’ve been run over by an ocean liner but none of this stops me feeling happy, relaxed and relieved it’s all over! Apart from the fact that drinking any of my 18 cans of celebratory Guinness from the supermarket just makes my head worse 😛

I won’t go on too much about how I think I’ve done but Computing and DT went very well and Maths was almost as bad as I had expected and nowhere near good enough. Having said that the improvement on last year was good, not hard.

My current fad is learning 80×86 Assembly Language on a 486 laptop but we’ll see how long that lasts when I start trying to debug the stuff 😛 I’ve finally got the time to do all the things I’ve been planning on doing for months which is wonderful, but it does make my diary rather full.

Coming up in the next two weeks I have an intensive driving course, Mac hacking, Prodesktop playing, Debian installing, driving theory test, meetings, “book return day”, at least one day at my new work place, a weekend of work in London, Young Engineers regional finals in Derby, a Prom and a cinema visit… and the list is still growing. I forgot that being busy could actually be fun.

I’ve spent some very relaxing time with lauperr recently although she’s still a little strung out because she has a couple more exams left. Soon we’ll both be able to relax and spend proper time together.

For the moment things are good.

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