Hello, Baby, Google UK and IEE Magazine

Hello all
Firstly, hello to my new readers. It’s a weird feeling when I keep hearing that people who I know but would never expect to look at my web site have been reading my blog.  This includes elderly relatives, people I’ve not seen for years and people from work who I don’t know that well.

It’s silly that I’m publishing my thoughts to the entire world yet I’m suprised when I hear that someone I know is reading them! I’d say that I’ll have to be careful what I write from now on, but that would also be silly.

“New ALUG member”
Congratulations to quinophex and wildduck on their new baby girl. They’ll make great parents 😀

Google Goes Local
Lastly, Google Maps, Google Local and related SMS services have gone live in the UK and I’m extremely impressed. They found the closest place I can order a pizza from and my nearest computer shops as first hits, I’m almost sure there was a half-built bypass down the road from me on Google Maps and the SMS stuff is really very useful. Oh and I think it’s tracking where taxis are in real time.

IEE Magazine
It must make me a real geek but I’ve just been reading the Electronics, Systems and Software magazine the IEE sent me and I found it really really interesting.

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