Amsterdam ’05, Fire Alarms

Amsterdam December 9th-11th, be there or be less poor.

The biggest student tour to Amsterdam this year” including 3 days and 2 nights of fun, return travel and accommodation, £89. Anyone want to come? I’ve booked in me and lauperr.

They say visitors to Amsterdam always go back and they’re right 😛

Fire Alarms

I’ve been at Uni a month now and I’d say there’s been more nights with a fire alarm going off than not. It started at Shackleton by the lake and has slowly been getting closer and closer until it was two blocks away from me one night, one block away and then finally it was our turn. I’d just been to the train station to wave laura off and walked back along the canal to my flat. I unlocked my door, sat down and it went off.

On the way out I looked at the fire alarm panel which tells you exactly what flat in what block has triggered an alarm anywhere in Maple Bank. Someone in the flat above me had been cooking with door open and not closed it quick enough and it set off the alarm in the hallway. A member of staff turned up, followed by the fire service and they were all very cross.

This is just a week or so after my department was evacuated because something set fire in the printed circuit room because of a dodgy thermostat and we were stood outside for an hour and a half waiting for the alarm to be reset.

In other news…
Today we were shown the circuit diagram to make a broken numerical display, useful kind of thing to know. Two hours of digital logic makes my brain ache, soon I will be thinking in binary all the time. I’ve soldered together a light flashing device and programmed a PIC chip to make it count in binary like my binary clock which is quite nifty. I was sat in the lab after everyone else left, programming the damned thing (in Assembler) until it ran out of memory and begged for mercy. Ben 1, PIC chip 0.

I’m hungry.

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