Martian Karting

Rover Simulator
Was up until 5:30am working on our Software Engineering Assignment (the write up for the Mars Rover Simulator) and finally got it finished. As for the actual code, there’s loads of things I’d like to improve, in fact I’ve asked the lecturer if we would be allowed to GPL our code because they’re not using this project again next year.

I would just like to quote part of the assignment which I wrote at around 4am when I was starting to lose my mind.

“data type alien

overview: an alien is a primitive constructor which represents the status of an alien artefact. Aliens are immutable. You can destroy an alien like any other artefact and it will disappear, but its spirit will live on until the end of (run)time. In this sense, it will never die.”

The EIC and BEES set up a networking evening in Birmingham which included free food and free karting!

There were around 16 heats and a final which meant I got to do five five lap races (well six actually because Jon disappeared early so I filled in for one of his races). Bombing around an indoor racetrack in a 12 horse power electric kart was exactly what I needed to unwind at the end of term. Being electric rather than combustion engines the karts run quietly and without smog and my goodness do they move. They have a top speed of 45mph.

I only came 16th out of 26 but I had an awful lot of fun!

In other news…

I need to find a house!

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