Pluto Home – The Open Source Digital Home

If Pluto Home lives up to the claims on the commerical website and “all facts no fluff” techie homepage then it’s really quite exciting and almost exactly what I’ve been looking for/starting to develop myself. The similarities really are quite uncanny.

Pluto Home caters for Security, Home Automation, Entertainment, Telecom and Computing using a single development platform as a wrapper to a lot of very good Open Source software in a distribution based on Debian. It has a central “core” machine and can have a large number of client “appliances” around the home including tablets and symbian mobile phones.

The biggest things I might have done differently are trying to use more web based user interfaces rather than a custom window manager to give compatibility to a larger number of client devices and a slightly different (more idealistic) design philosophy. I’m trying to keep an open mind.

So far I’ve not got the “Kickstart CD” to boot, it freezes with a libc problem, but I will persevere.

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