I feel a blog post coming on

Currently on my mind…

* A technical paper I’m entering into the IET Write Around the World Competition that one of my lecturers has agreed to proof read (I’m starting to doubt myself and worrying about its actual value).
* Application(s) to Google Summer of Code 2006
* A service idea for Twisted Lemon
…and how all this fits into the big masterplan ‘o doom.

Oh and revision.

I’ve also been thinking about all the geek friends I have like Jon, Sam, J, Tom, Ian, Elliot, Mark, Daniel, Adam, Gary, James – hardly any of whom know each other but who all individually have a great amount of technical skill and are linked only by the fact that I know them. I’ve been trying to imagine what they could all come up with if put in the same room together. It would be something beautifully if chaotically designed which is digital, looks good, sounds good and is ubiquitous in nature. I just have no idea what it would be! Weird.

In other news…

Pluto Home was a big disappointment. (Half of) the idea is there, but it’s lacking a couple of years worth of polish. There are licensing issues too, the “Pluto License” isn’t Libre Free. It gives me hope that I’m still on to something.

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