Live 8: Email President Putin

Last year Live 8 pushed the G8 leaders to make big commitments, including debt cancellation for 300 million people and an extra $50 billion in aid for the world’s poor. These steps are urgently needed to help end the extreme poverty in Africa that kills 30,000 a day.

In July, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is hosting the next G8 summit in St. Petersburg. We have to make sure that the G8 keep their promises and that real progress is made towards trade justice.

You can email President Putin via the Live 8 website or directly via the Kremlin website

You can use the Live 8 template or write your own letter. My letter reads as follows:

Dear President Putin,

I am writing regarding the G8 in July. Tens of millions of people have made our concerns about Africa perfectly clear and leaders have pledged to:

* Make AIDS drugs available to all who need them
* Guarantee care for all AIDS orphans
* Train up enough doctors and nurses to cope with the demand for care
* Commit to free Primary education for all children and train people to teach them by 2015

Sustained work is needed by all the G8 leaders to turn these words into actions and make practical plans for progress. You are the leaders of a generation of great nations who have the ability to leave our mark in history as the generation who cared enough to do something. Your leadership is key in making this vision a reality.

Please, make this a priority.

Yours sincerely

Benjamin Tola Francis (20)

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