wonchop.net and the future of hippygeek.co.uk

wonchop.hippygeek.co.uk has a new home! Following his recent dazzling academic success, Wonchop has launced a new site, wonchop.net which has a back catalogue of all his old animations, forums and a cafepress shop.  Me and djkoa are lucky to have been the inspiration for the characters “b3n and wez – the IT geeks”, two members of the wonchop family, and we’ve now even been made into t-shirts, mousemats and clocks! Go along to wonchop’s cafepress shop and buy some merchandise (like I just have) to support his work 🙂

Wonchop was the first project to start off life nestled in the bosom of hippygeek.co.uk, back in 2003, and has now well and truly flown the nest. In this spirit, I hope that hippygeek.co.uk will be the home of lots more new ideas. Over the coming weeks I am going to be moving my personal homepage to the new Drupal powered tola.me.uk (still in its very early stages) and hippygeek.co.uk will solely become a home for new ideas, mainly providing trac hosting for software projects. The hosting for hippygeek has been kindly provided by FFDesign, and then Moose Computer Services up until now, but it will probably now move to its own Debian box, leaving tola.me.uk in its place.

Watch this space.

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