Today was a geek day.

Two new Dell servers arrived for school, each running at 4.8Ghz (dual processors) with 1Gb of RAM and space for 3Gb! Inside the beasts very much resemble the view underneath the bonnet of a sports car, with an array of fans and heat sinks and a setup that looks, and sounds, very much like an exhaust. They also come with removable hard disks (just click and pull) and removable power supply (the same) as standard and boy do they make a nice sound! I’m plotting to install Linux on them when Mr C isn’t looking.

Earlier in the day the Head of Music suddenly said that the Head had given the go ahead to get the cabling and a new PA in time for the next MADD evening. This is all very well but arranging it all in the next couple of weeks is verging on impossible, especially with the quotes I’m being given. Still, if they really want to give me thousands of pounds to spend on geek stuff, who am I to complain?

Talking of sound systems, Wez and I were left alone with a 17 Kilowatt sound system, a 32 channel mixing desk, about 30 barrels of beer and a CD Player today in the middle of a field for two and a half hours! Seriously, they left us with a radio which, it turned out, had nobody on the other end and disappeared. We were also left to set the lighting up for the show which was a bit of a surprise.

A policeman arrived to discuss the event with the organisers and someone piped up “Are you a real Policeman?” to which I replied “No, he’s probably in fancy dress”, which I regretted afterwards, especially when the policeman replied “Easy, tiger!”. Another interesting quote today was in maths, Mike: “My dad works in software” Mr Stonelake: “When you say software, what do you mean exactly”. Don’t worry, he’s retiring this year.

Maths wasn’t too bad today, I’m determined to keep on top of it. But I must sleep tonight as I was in a bit of trouble for having a lay in instead of going to school for a double free period this morning…

I’m currently struggling to decide on a project to work on for my Computing coursework next year. Everyone keeps trying to persuade me that I shouldn’t use PHP and mySQL but should use Access and VB instead. Every bone in my body is yelling “NOOOO!” but I don’t know. There are plenty of easy options, but I’m worried I’d get bored with them. Oh and my hard disk arrived, mmm

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