The Bourne Festival was CRAZY. An amazing atmosphere though, finally got to dance a bit towards the end and went a bit wild. Our pictures in the papers were funny, they got Wez’s name wrong, again! I really do enjoy live events, really made me wonder for a while whether I really want a career sitting behind a desk for the rest of my life!

Working from 10:30 in the morning until gone midnight for several days really tired me out, but was well worth it!

There were talks about going to University at school this evening. Although at the end of the day I really like my school, there are a large number of things about it I don’t like.

Next wednesday night I get on a train to Norwich where I will probably end up sleeping on a pavement for the night knowing J, then for the UEA open day – the fifth and final University open day I have planned for now. It’s all mad. I guess now is the first time I’ve ever really felt free to make a serious decision by myself. Do I take a gap year and get a job? Do I go to Uni, or do I get a busking license and find a cheap flat somewhere? Do I want to travel? What do I really want from life. Well I don’t mind saying that I don’t have the foggiest what I want from life yet, and I don’t believe I should know yet either.

I found out tonight that a very very close relative of mine who I haven’t seen for a while is actually getting married, and being basically the same age as me it kind of scared me a bit. Not sure why, but it just made me think.

Too much going on to think about at the moment, and I’m already feeling behind in maths which is NOT good. I think I need a break.

ADSL router should arrive tomorrow, woohoo!

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