Over the past couple of days I’ve been playing with Linux more, in particular Knoppix. I managed to get it to dual boot with Windows XP at school which was great.

I’ve now dual booted my main PC at home with a Knoppix hard disk install and Windows XP. At the moment I’m getting very frustrated with not being able to get my sound card to work under Linux. I must have spent about 10 hours talking on IRC, searching google, fumbling around in a Konsole and just generally not getting anywhere, while a fresh installation of Windows XP that I haven’t even touched is producing all sorts of sounds with zero configuration… it’s not like I even have obscure hardware. It’s a sound blaster card for goodness sake! Only the most popular sound cards, in the world! I think it’s about time I went to a LUG meeting to find out what I’m doing wrong.

ADSL arrived, and after a long time configuring the router with no instruction manual and a “quick start guide” for the wrong firmware version I finally got connected. It’s fast 🙂

The RIAA announced that it will be sueing a few hundred potential customers for up to £90,000 each over the next few months for offering copyrighted music over Kazaa, instead of actually adopting P2P technology to make money, which I guess makes sense. Not. Isn’t it about time music artists starting ditching these idiots and sold their albums online for a fraction of the price but actually get the profit themselves?

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