Kaz has left for University! So far all I’ve heard about her first day is “im 67% drunk, i sobered up lots on the way to uni, i was rolling on the floor laughing at one point which i got to ld off for becuase the waitress alomst tripped up”. Hmm. I’m missing Kaz.

Thursday night was Adam’s birthday do at Smiths and an Italian restaurant which finished earlier than I expected and was a bit of hard work for various reasons. I also got to experience ice being stuffed down my trousers, thanks laura. I think Adam was suitably offended by the electric shock lighter I bought him, well Adam – smoking is bad for your health. Overall though it was quite enjoyable.

Last night was Wez’s 18th birthday booze up which stretched across three pubs and a “night club”. I’m still trying to figure out how he managed to not throw up after the amount he drunk and the two helpings of birthday bumps in the street (right under a CCTV camera I might add, hmm only a geek would notice something like that). Wez’s present was a pair of very snazzy DJing glasses with torches on, as seen on iwantoneofthose.com 🙂 Kaz’s birthday present was an “optic” – you know one of things you use to get a measure of whisky or vodka, etc. Lot’s of birthdays in a short space of time. I don’t think she knew quite what to do with it, and her mum is trying to palm off the kumquat plant and make me look after it while Kaz is at uni! I do get awkward presents don’t I?

Tomorrow there is a meeting in South Witham about the cyber cafe they want to start up and then I must get on with my UCAS application, whoopee! :S

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