School is going OK, I got a decent mark in a recent maths test which is a good sign – still a long long way to go though. I’ve been pondering over what to do in my gap year if I take one, a couple of jobs in mind although the one in Dublin isn’t being advertised any more :'(

This weekend went to pot as it turned out I couldn’t get to Norwich. That means I missed the ALUG meeting and couldn’t return the book I borrowed and much worse, I probably won’t be able to visit Kaz until half term now. Major Bummer.

I’ve spent most of today fiddling with pointless things on my computer like wallpapers, getting GKrellM to look pretty and say “mmm, you’ve got mail’ in a sexy british woman’s voice and give me a live news feed. When I got bored with that, I started making my aterm colours (or should I say colors) just right with the tinting so I can see the text on top of the background, then another half an hour changing the colour blue it uses to display HTML text!! Get the impression I’m avoiding doing work? Yes, well.

Had a visit from two cousins today, one of whom I hadn’t seen for months. That was a nice distraction from my (non)work.

It’s school open evening next thursday which may be fun or may be a pain in the arse. Between watching A Beautiful Mind and reading more of A Tour of the Calculus I’ve been trying to sustain my enthusiasm for maths. I bought two DVDs for £7.99 from Blockbuster, which is a little odd as I don’t have a DVD drive… so I ordered one on dabs, and a power splitter cable to go with it… then realised I couldn’t afford to go to the Ceilidh in Rippingale.

GKrellM tells me that tralk has now been running for 50 days and it’s still running like a dream 😀 Considering I could only ever get windows XP to run for 10 days at a time before it became unusable I think that’s pretty impressive.

Oh, and this is very very very very very very very cool… Magnatune.

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