Wez is a nutter. This morning he got up at about 5:00am, drove to Skegness, went on a rollercoaster (twice) and drove back again, before school started. Why? “Stress Relief” !!!!!!! What a legend.

I posted on the Bourne Forum yesterday, but the words “James Wearing Smells” were edited out of my post by Rex Needle. Hmm. A little censor-happy me thinks.

Wez and I manufactured our very own fully XML compliant geek, end geek shirt today in textiles. Very much like the T-shirts seen on thinkgeek.com, only ours are real shirts and a hell of a lot cheaper. I’m sure some photos will follow open evening on Thursday.

Got a lovely email from ma KT today which cheered me up considerably. My DVD drive hasn’t arrived from DABS yet, they’re still trying to find me a power splitter, grr.

I’ve finally made Ben a web site, albeit not a very good one, to put his amazing flash animations on. wonchop.hippygeek.co.uk. Hopefully someone will spot his talent 😀

Still missing Kaz.

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