I am the hippygeek and I am a readaholic

I think I might be addicted to reading. I know I’m technically “reading” for a degree, but I can’t seem to stop it.

When I got up this morning I was reading the course notes for my software engineering project. I decided I wanted to try and use a version tracking system so I was read the installation instructions for trac, then realised I needed to know about subversion first, so I’ve been skimreading the SVN Book. I got bored of that after a few hours so I decided to read the news in my RSS reader. I realised that I needed a break from my screen so I sat on my bed and read a chapter of “The Invisible Computer” by Donald A. Norman. Then I realised I hadn’t left my room for most of the day apart from coffee making, so I went to the Kitchen and talked to my housemate but was distracted by the University Newspaper he was reading, stole it from under his nose and started to peruse the articles.

Now it’s dark outside and I’m reading what I’ve just written.

I think I may have a problem and I feel sorry for my eyes.

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