The raving lunatics are all after me

Last night I went to an Indie night the Indie society put on which was cool. However, by the end of the night (well, 2am) my drunk flatmate was taking chunks out of my door with a saucepan. At least he wasn’t brandishing a knife this time. One of the girls came down from upstairs to complain about the noise and nearly got a nasty saucepan injury in reply.

We had a “standards commitee” meeting today for our software engineering project. One of the people in the meeting wasn’t happy with a group decision and proceeded to stand up and declare that everyone in the group was incompetent and tried to leave the room. The postgraduate teaching assistant refused to let them leave so they sat and sulked for the rest of the session.

I’ve now set up a froody subversion repository with trac as a front end for use with the project, though I had to read a book about subversion first.

After some interesting… contract problems, I’m now developing a web site for BurnFM in the next three weeks, so more work to keep me busy!

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