Predictions coming true

Back in October I made some predictions about technology. Most were quite obvious but I’m impressed how many have come true.

Already there:
* iPod Video People suspect the “real” iPod video is yet to come and it might even be a lot like the next prediction
* Handheld device which is basically just a lot of storage and a big display with approximately one button and *lots* of connectivity Just need Apple or Nokia or someone to make it look prettier now.

Very nearly there:
* Google Calendar
* the death of 3G by 2009

Not there yet, though there’s plenty of work in this direction:
* a replacement for the traditional office suite

In other news…
I have C programming coming out of my ears, assembler programming and psychology reports to do and the perpetual webmasterness continues. I’ve now done two sets at an acoustic night, I sleep for about 4 hours a night and my pile of washing is taking over my room.

Twisted Lemon now has a website, albeit a temporary one until we do a better template design.

lauperr seems to be changing (in a very good way) and if I had a spare second to think about it I’d probably say I’m enjoying life a great deal 😛

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