Programming, guitars, reading and earthships

So far our Mars Rover Simulator (currently requires password for the interesting bits) consists of 1900 lines of C code and several data files. Needs a lot of polish but all the basic functionality is there so samwwwblack and I felt it necessary to go out and celebrate version 0.09 with a few pints last night 🙂

I also have to program a railway journey planner for another module (anyone remember my A Level coursework?) and a padestrian crossing in assembler.

Looks like my “alternative to the traditional office suite” prediction is the last one to come past the post following the big G’s latest acquisition.

And quinophex, yes my predictions were crap but unlike most outlandish technology predictions, they actually came true. Mostly.

Went to Tom’s house to program but ended up spending hours playing with his many guitars. Telecaster and lurvely valve amp, mmm.

I unexpectedly received a bible through the post today, the New International Version with a leather case and zip. I’m considering reading it from cover to cover, just so that I can say I’ve read it. I don’t think it will beat Hitchhikers on the humour stakes, but a lot of people make a big fuss about it and I’m interested to know if it’s a good read. I’m curious whether it’s possible to read the bible just like any other book but I suspect that trawling through all the tedious history in the old testament will make me lose interest before I get to the good bits like the prophecies in the book of Daniel. It’s weird what contemporary culture can get us interested in.

This is pretty neat. I’m working on pie-in-the-sky plans for a hippygeek version 🙂

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