End of an era: New home page, blog, email address


I have a new homepage, it’s http://tola.me.uk


Thanks LiveJournal for years of faithful service but it’s time for me to fly the nest, if Drupal is good enough for Tim Berners-Lee then it’s good enough for me.

You can add my new Drupal powered blog to your LiveJournal friends list by going here and clicking “Add this feed to your friends list” (thanks mchicago). For all other RSS readers, there is a feed here. If you don’t want to syndicate all of it you can choose one of Personal, Technology, Art & Culture and Travel (they’ll work better when there’s something in them).

If anyone has successfully imported a LiveJournal blog into Drupal, please get in touch with me and tell me how!

Email Address

My new email address (for personal mail only) is ben at tola.me.uk (substitute the @ sign). Please don’t enter it into any spammy social networking sites 🙂

The future of hippygeek.co.uk

http://hippygeek.co.uk has being going for five years now and it isn’t going to disappear. The site will shortly be undergoing a transformation into hosting and a software repository for projects I’m working on.

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